Project: FLEX HEAT

Project Acronym: FLEXHEAT
Project full title: Flexible Premixed Burners for Low-Cost Domestic Heating System



Dr.-Ing. Dimosthenis Trimis

e-mail: dimos.trimis@lstm.uni-erlangen.de


Serbia & Montenegro Metalna industrija 'ALFA PLAM' A.D. Vranje ALFA PLAM
Assembly and testing of validator 1 (gas appliance for premix atmospheric burner); contribution to related burner design

Srboljub Pesic Eng.
e-mail: alfaplam@ptt.yu

Serbia & Montenegro EUROTEH-GAS D.O.O. EUROTEH-GAS
Assembly and testing of validator 2 (gas appliance for fully premixed burner); contribution to related burner design

Ratko Popovic B.Sc.
e-mail: eurotehgas@sbb.rs

Serbia & Montenegro Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Belgrade MFB
Detailed combustion kinetics modelling (incl. pollutants formation), combined CFD/finite element modelling of atmospheric premix burners, testing of atmospheric premix burners

Miroljub Adzic Dr in Mech. Eng Full Proffesor of Combustion and Fuels
e-mail: mike@eunet.yu

Bosnia & Herzegovina Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Banja Luka MEF-BL
Simplification of detailed combustion kinetics modelling for CFD use, combined CFD/finite element modelling of fully premixed burners

Petar M. Gvero Ph.D., M.Sc. Mech. Eng. Assistant Professor
e-mail; pero@urc.bl.ac.yu

Netherlands Beckaert Combustion Technology B.V. BCT
Design and manufacturing of all FlexHEAT burners, testing of burners

Geert Folkers Project Manager R&D
e-mail: geert.folkers@beckaert.com

Italy Politecnico di Torino POLITO
Materials design, caracteristisation and degradation analysis; Testing of fully premixed FlexHeat burners

Vito Specchia Full Professor of Chemical Plant Design
e-mail: specchia@polito.it

Portugal Instituto Superior Tecnico IST
Combustion modelling related to noise and flame stability problems

Edgar Caetano Fernandes Assistant Professor Ph.D., M.Sc. Mech. Eng.
e-mail: ecfernandes@dem.ist.utl.pt